Cyber Abhimanyu a Ip Logger & Part of Cyber Yodha

Project Overview:

As part of its Cyber Yodha suite, Apprize Infotech developed Cyber Abhimanyu – an innovative cybersecurity solution for tracking cybercriminals through IP grabbers. This aids law enforcement in pinpointing suspect locations.


To build an advanced IP logger and geolocation tracking solution that helps law enforcement agencies identify cybercriminal locations and activities.

Key Features:

  • Real-time IP grabbing and geolocation mapping
  • Dashboard visualizing suspect IP addresses on maps
  • Location tracking across sessions and time periods
  • Customizable reports for analyzing IP data
  • Developed using PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, MySQL


With Cyber Abhimanyu, agencies gain an invaluable tool for unmasking cybercriminals by piecing together IP footprints. By leveraging Apprize Infotech’s expertise, law enforcement is empowered with location intelligence for smarter cybercrime investigation.

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