CyberYodha (Securing Cyberspace)

Project Overview:

Apprize Infotech designed and developed Cyber Yodha, an innovative cyber crime investigation system, as a customized solution for a client.


To build a robust cyber crime investigation platform as per the client’s requirements for efficiently tackling cybersecurity threats.

Key Features:

  1. Admin dashboard to manage users, permissions, and system data.
  2. Tools for authorized users to upload and manage cyber crime data.
  3. Customized role-based access controls for investigations team.
  4. Powerful search and filtering capabilities for crime data.
  5. Optimized using PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, MySQL as per client needs.


The customized Cyber Yodha solution enables the client to streamline cyber crime investigation processes. By leveraging Apprize Infotech’s development expertise, the agency gained a purpose-built system tailored to their specific requirements.

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